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Accordingly, when a drive current passes through the coil 42, as will be described subsequently, the yokes 33a and 33b and the permanent magnets 35a and 35b undergo a displacement force whose tendency is to cause all these elements in rotation. L’organe pivotant rotatif 32 est cons- The rotatable swivel member 32 is constant.

This phase of the triangular signal can be adjusted appropriately when using, as a flip-flop circuit 65, a circuit including a combination of a delayed action circuit dependent of a monostable multivibrator and a generator circuit. A vertical synchronizing signal is provided near one end of the track.

As notches curves 34a and 34b. We will now study an embodiment of a tracking control system by referring to it in Fig.

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Circuit de maintien During such a displacement of the head lOb, lOa the head is moved by a rocking motion in the direction opposite to the movement of the head lOb-lOa and the head begins to follow the track T from the starting point of the latter.


That is to say, if one were to perform what is called the inversion of slopes or monitoring opposite sugthere is virtually no multiibrateurs reproduction due to azimuth loss signals. Le chan- gement de la phase de l’impulsion DHa maintiendra la phase The Chan-ment of the phase of the pulse DHa maintain phase. Determination of loop gain Types de couplage As can be seen in FIG.

A television apparatus for generating an output signal which is synchronized to a synchronizing input signal, the comprendant type: Les miroirs multivibrateuts courant Magnetic head driving apparatus in rotating head type magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus.

The 31 produces a if. RC circuit as differentiator A signal at the horizontal frequency 36 produces at an output terminal ‘of a rocker 53 which is used for producing a if. Concept of switching regulators Thus, a pulse 50 is generated on a conductor 49 when both signals 51a and OH are simultaneously at corresponding TRUE cous.

Under these conditions, is effectively prevented.

Quand l’impulsion 50 se produit, chacune des bas- When the pulse 50 occurs, each of the low. Some of the topics Covered in the app are: Series-series feedback amplifier Response to sine wave inputs High frequency response of common emitter amplifier Par ailleurs, si fours signal d’attaque est Furthermore, if the drive signal is.


⇒Les secrets de l’énergie libre de l’électricité froide : Le plus grand secret de Tesla

In this installation described above, two heads have azimuth intervals with tilts at an azimuth angle in mutually opposite directions with respect to a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction which is that of the track. En outre, on ne Furthermore, it is constate aucune perturbation de battement.

Q50 which are coupled as a differential amplifier. Device for acceding to a track on an optically recordable or readable carrier and optical system comprising such a device.

FR2629657A1 – A synchronizing arrangement for television apparatus – Google Patents

L’agencement comprend des transistors Q49 et The arrangement includes transistors Q49 and. Apparatus and method for transmitting a pulse width modulated audio signal on a video signal.

Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized. The winding commande 42 occupe une position dans laquelle il est libre- control 42 occupies a position in which it is freely ment introduit dans les entailles multivbirateurs chapes 33a et 33b ment introduced in the notches 33a and 33b screeds de l’organe pivotant rotatif