Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, the spirit who wrote though Anthony Borgia. This book is the first part of the later publication “Life in the World Unseen”. LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN. By ANTHONY BORGIA. FOREWORD BY SIR JOHN ANDERSON, BART. This pdf was created by Geoff Cutler, and is provided . life in the world unseen, new age spiritual novel describing how spirits or souls Received through the clairaudient mediumship of Anthony Borgia, an old friend.

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Open Preview See a Problem? No one, any where in the world had made a decent effort to chronicle all his publications. Those who find themselves in the bleak and meagre surroundings of the dark realms have only themselves to reproach, for what they see about them is an outward expression of the worlr state of their spiritual progression. Borgia was only a child, when he first met Monsignor Benson and was only 13 when passed away, but had always regarded the priest with affection and reverence.

Feb 01, Elaine rated it it was amazing. Wonderful exploration of the universe beyond what we can see. Neither of these books are particularly popular bogia to the others indicating it was wise to stick to non-religious topics in the bulk of the books. While this book covers ma This is the first in a number of books that claim to be the words of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, as received by Anthony Borgia.

Anthony Borgia and the Spirit Books he Authored.

He has a great deal to say, which he hopes will correct the teachings contained in his previous influential Christian books, written when he was living on earth. Jan 25, Mike Radice rated it it was amazing.


Mar 22, Juliet Foster added it Shelves: Benson was first a priest in the Anglican tradition, but later changed allegiances and re-qualified as a Catholic priest.

It has become hypnotised by its own apparent security. Lynne Mclewin rated it it was amazing Oct 20, This first person account was something that I looked forward to each evening and I was kind of sad to reach the end. When he passed he realized that most of what he had written wasn’t truth. He also stresses that it was never intended that there be a separation of communication between heaven and earth, and that gradually the channels of communication will be more open.

Hell, Judgement and the Resurrection. Life unsen the World Unseen is one of several books by Borgia and Benson antthony collaboration. The result is Life in the World Unseen, a cornucopia of colours, sounds, fragrances and pointers that answer some of your questions and make you want to ask hundreds more.

Linda Cable rated it it was amazing Nov 16, What do Divine Love Christians believe? Iuliana Bertalan rated it it was amazing Jul 14, The communicator, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, delightfully shows us, with both humour and compassion, how many of our preconceived notions of ‘the next life’ are substantially incorrect.

I found this to be different from other books along this line of thinking. From the Spirit World, the Monsignor dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of these were converted into books.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It’s like a reference book, an autobiography and a novel all under one cover. There are detailed workd on his first experiences in heaven, homes for rest for newly deceased, halls of learning and music, types of work in heaven, the darker realms, flowers, soil, building methods, time and space, recreation, the children’s sphere, famous people, organization, and the higher realms. It has a wonderful charm that only books of a bygone era can have.


Anthony Borgia was a medium who transcribed the thoughts of a deceased priest and author whom he had known in life. When he got to the other side, he was quite chagrined to learn how wrong he had been. Man upon earth was never meant to be cut off from the spirit world, neither was the spirit world meant to be cut off from intercourse with the people still upon earth. Anita rated it liked it Jul 23, The Laws of Rapport And Communication. Pressure is never brought to bear upon these souls; their mental resurrection must come from within themselves.

The links above will take you to where these books can be obtained, and some free e-books are available. He has a great deal to say, which he hopes will correct the teachings contained in his previous influential Christian books, written when he was living on earth.

One of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read.

Life in the World Unseen

A number of topics are better covered here than anywhere else I have found, including the issue of garments, movement, and even boating. It is the story of YOUR life in this world. They know that such faculties are part of the natural make-up of man. May 13, Roberta Grimes rated it it was amazing. Trivia About Life in the World This book purports to be the story of one person’s life on the other sideafter he passed away.

Aug 27, Annalouise rated it it was amazing. Quotes from Life in the World On Mediumship, and James Padgett.