Anne Fadiman is the sort of person who learned about sex from her father’s copy of Fanny Hill, and who once found herself poring over a hen Anne Fadiman was growing up, she writes in her endearing collection of essays, “Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader,” her family. Anne Fadiman, author of Ex Libris, talks about her latest ‘confessions’, words like ‘ whiffling’, and perfect literary dinner guests.

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Seriously, there are better ways to show your admiration. Oct 12, Jacob rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was WAAY too much fun. For summary purposes, I will put it in terms of disliking something based on not being able to empathize with the characters, a judgment that I usually don’t hold by but am apparently substantially affected by when it comes to more autobiographical works.

Trivia About Ex Libris: There are far llibris many favourite lines to be reproduced but I’d like to just quote one, which in all fairness will affirm the author’s love for books- “These beautiful volumes have been published inand not a single person had read them. Anne Fadiman is the former: Fx most people with a high tolerance for clutter, George maintains a basic trust in three-dimensional objects.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Walking out, I was overcome with concern about my sister’s family and choosing not to dwell on such, I went over to a charity shop where I found Ex Libris waiting for me.


My personal favorite is You Are Anne because Ms. For many years, she was a writer and columnist for Life, and later an Editor-at-Large at Civilization. Fadiman hit the nail on the head with my biggest bookish fantasy reading books in the places they describe.

We found instantaneous common ground by confiding early on that we both regarded it as a monumental moment, indeed — with an eye cast far more optimistically toward the future than a mere marriage proposal, infinitely more demonstrative of a trust we’d only felt for one person that we proclaimed it before a roomful of witnesses, embracing a humbling exx welcome vulnerability light years beyond that first appearance of the two-backed beast — when we allowed the person we’ve vowed to love and support until both of our bodies have expired to combine their personal libraries with our own lovingly tended but fiercely guarded treasure trove of tomes, that to allow such a commingling of the closest we’ll ever come to an outward manifestation of our personalities’ truest forms with another’s is the very definition of the hard-won but popularly cliched and carelessly bandied-about designation of “soulmate.


Ex Libris – Wikipedia

I’ve always loved books, and admit that since joining Goodreads my obsession has increased a thousand fold. Anhe I don’t always read books about books, but when I do, my to-read list suddenly grows.

Like many a Goodreader, no doubt, I have a thing for books about books. In Scorn Not the SonnetMs.

This is a delightful slim book, a collection of personal essays about her love of reading. Fadiman begins with the essay Marrying Libraries because it sets the tone for the rest of the book. Johnson implies, differs from the critic and the scholar.

Anne Fadiman ilbris Clifton Fadiman’s daughter, and she has collected this book of essays about book-love. I always love reading about the passionately held attitudes of bibliophiles towards their books. The daughter of Clifton Fadiman can write! And that presents fadian problem with Anne Fadiman’s essay collection Ex Libris: I confess that when this story was told, everyone around the dinner table concurred that justice had been served. Writing with remarkable grace, she revives the tradition of the well-crafted personal essay, moving easily from anecdotes about Coleridge and Orwell to tales of libriss own pathologically literary family.

Long words, odd choices in reading, writing utensils, secondhand books, and so much more; all familiar, especially the feminist section regarding the rampant word usage devoted to amne ‘everyman’ and all the thought patterns spawned from it.

Feb 24, Beth Bonini rated it it was amazing Shelves: She figures The Odyssey will take them six months. It is a book about us!

Maybe I’m just being mean, but would she have been offered a column in the Library of Congress’s in-house magazine, Civilizationif her last name weren’t Fadiman?

Words on a Flyleaf a very sweet essay about the notes we scribble to friends and loved ones when we give a book! Jan 03, Cecily faduman it it was amazing Shelves: As she grew up, it was, she says, always her habit to focus on small details rather than ‘larger and more important questions’.

Some of these come and go, while others come and stay. I think her writing would be better for it. Just a couple weeks ago, a great review of this book popped up on my update feed, Ah, the magic of Goodreads so when I spotted it at a booksale I went to last week for a dollar, I grabbed it quick.


Martin’s A Storm of Swords on a bus in Southern Franceand more, Fadiman keeps pointing out that her love of books and reading vastly surpasses mine, but I’m not going to let that come between us.

Oct 02, Eveline Chao rated it it was ok.

Lust for words, and ice-cream too

It turned out that Fadiman was not just an essayist but also edited the venerable literary quarterly, The American Scholar. I have seriously contemplated placing bookshelves on all available walls at home and make it a priority project because of The P.

It is better here. Fadiman’s writing style is just so perfectly polished, and I love the confiding warmth of her voice. View all 10 comments. The common reader, as Dr. Until the post ‘a mountain of letters and review books’ had arrived, she remembers, ‘my father’s day had not really begun’.

Even when e-books are perfected, as they surely will be, it will be like being in bed with a very faddiman robot rather than a warm, soft, human being whom you love. This categorises the chambermaid as a “courtly” lover of books.

Ex Libris is an absolutely lovely book, which makes me feel privileged to be a bookworm. Apropos her ideal dinner party, she says ‘Virginia Woolf, Coleridge and Charles Lamb would have to be there. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

It’s not all bad. These words are sometimes too arcane that even Wx Word and the standard dictionary do not recognize them one of the Google hits insisted that calineries is not a valid Scrabble word. He is worse educated, and nature has not gifted him so g This book is an excellent collection of essays on the reading life. We are the sum of the books we read, and if you are a reader, your life and your reading life are always intertwined. Talking of Pleasure, this moment I was writing with one hand, and with the other holding to my Mouth a Nectarine – good God how fine.